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Palsinuron Capsule

Rs. 580


Palsinuron Capsules uses: As per the claims of manufacturer, it is indicated in Ayurvedic treatment of Neuro-muscular disorders of CNS, Hemiplegia, Nerve Injury, Neuralgia, Paraplegia, Facial Palsy.

Doctors also suggest this for the treatment of
Neuralgia and facial pain followed by tooth extraction
Trigeminal neuralgia,
Diabetic neuropathy
Post herpetic neuralgia (burning sensation after herpes infection)
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Tinnitus, vertigo
Burning sensation and muscle tightness in hands or feet. (Signs of nerve stress / compression). Being a nervine tonic, Palsinuron is uesful.
Cervical spondylosis &ndash caused due to pinching of nerves arising from the back of neck. This leads to tingling sensation in hands, neck pain, stiffness and arm pain on one side or both the sides.

Effect on Tridosha &ndash Balances Vata Dosha.

Palsinuron Capsules Dosage:1 &ndash 2 capsules three times a day, or as advised by physician.

Palsinuron Capsules Ingredients :
Each capsule contains

Sootshekhar Ras &ndash a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with herbal and metal ingredients &ndash 60 mg
Khurasani Ova &ndash Hyoscyamus niger  &ndash 60 mg
Lajjalu &ndash Touch me not plant &ndash Mimosa pudica &ndash lajari &ndash 60 mg &ndash It is a small plant which is used mainly in the treatment of wounds, spasms, burning sensation, piles, uterine prolapse, diarrhea.