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Lemon Oil

Rs. 90


 Usage/Benefits &ndash

  • For Skin &ndash Used for cleansing, tonning, antiwrinkle, cooling, for oil skin. Used in massage, steam, spray, compress.
  • For Hair &ndash For dandruff as hair rinser.
  • Digestive &ndash Carmirative, stimulant stomachic &ndash in massage
  • Circulatory &ndash For varicose veins, broken capillaries &ndash use as compress with wonder mitti. (Dr. Jain's)
  • Gynecology &ndash For premenstrual tension, headaches, for hot flushes during menopause.
  • Mind &ndash Stress, nervous tension, helps to sharpen, mind and restores vitality &ndash used in inhalation, bath, massage
  • Cold, bronchits, laryngitis, stimulant stomachic &ndash in massage
  • For refreshing the room and in insect repellent &ndash in vaporiser, in spray, in water for wiping floors and surfaces.

Botanical Name &ndash Citrus Limonum

How to use

1) Never use essential oils directly. Always mix them with base oil. Not to be taken orally.
2) Avoid contact with eyes, genital area, open wound.
3) Avoid in pregnancy, lactation, infants, patients with epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, cancer, fever, allergy, infectious skinconditions, post-operative period.
4) Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight, heat and children. Close the cap tightly and avoid contact with water.
5) Inhalation, bath, massage