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Tea Tree Oil(dr.jain)

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For skin - for cleansing (with Aloe vera gel or cucumber gel (Dr. Jain&rsquos's) 100gm + 20 drops of tea tree oil + wheatgerm oil 5ml). In acne, Antiseptic to wash wounds, hands, face wash (500ml water + 2 drops) - Athelete foot, nail bed infection, yeast infection, herpes, nappy rash. Hair - for dandruff - Aloe vera liquid 20ml + Teatree oil 20 drops - apply & wash after 30 min. Mouth ulcer, bad breath, infected gums, tonsilitis - used in gargles. Cold, cough, flu, bronchitis - inhalation, massage. Vaginal thrush, discharge, itching - in sitz bath. Insect bite - neat application or cold compress. For disinfecting clothes - to half bucket and 20 drops Tea Tree oil - soak clothes for 30 min. squeeze and dry. For disinfecting floor, surface, kitchen platform, examination table, parlour table - add in the wiping water (1 litre water + 20 drops) To boost immune system - add in bathwater. Mind - invigorate mind bodyh and spirit, inspires confidence and dispels gloom of chronic ill health. It strengthens subtle energies. Caution - Can cause skin irritation. Use in lower concentration.