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Jatyadi Tailum (oil)

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Jatyadi Oil  Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients

Jatyadi Oil is an Ayurvedic oil. It is used for quick wound healing in blisters, sinuses, non healing wounds etc. it is used for external application. 

Jatyadi Taila uses:
It heals wounds quickly. It is used to apply externally over non healing wounds, sinus, blisters, abscess, bite wounds.
It is also useful in burns.
It is applied over infected skin diseases such as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, eczema, syphilis etc.
Doctors prescribe this for the treatment of
cracked heels, cracked nipples,
External hemorrhoids, anal fissure

How to use Jatyadi Tail?
It is used to apply over the non healing wounds.
Usually a cotton swab, dipped in the oil is placed over the wound or blisters for about half an hour, twice or thrice a day.

Dhara can also be done over the wounds.

Jatyadi oil for piles, hemorrhoids, fissures:
Dip a cotton swab into the Jatyadi oil bottle and apply to the anal area thoroughly, every time after defecation and also at night.
Once you use the cotton swab, do not dip it in the oil again. This will infest the oil.
Because it is a good wound healing oil, it checks bleeding and heals the fissure wound faster.
It also reduces the burning sensation, irritation and itching sensation, which are commonly found in piles, fistula and fissure.

Jatyadi Tel ngredients:
10.55 grams of each of
Jati &ndash Myristica fragrans
Nimba &ndash Neem &ndash Azadirachta indica
Patola &ndash Stereospermum suaveolens
Naktamala &ndash leaves of Pongamia pinnata
Sikta &ndash Honey bee wax
Madhuka &ndash Licorice &ndash Glycyrrhiza glabra
Kushta &ndash Saussurea lappa
Haridra &ndash Turmeric &ndash Curcuma longa
Daruharidra &ndash Berberis aristata
Manjishta &ndash Rubia cordifolia
Katurohini &ndash Picrorhiza kurroa
Padmaka &ndash Prunus puddum
Lodhra &ndash Symplocos racemosa
Abhaya &ndash Terminalia chebula
Nilotpala &ndash Nymphaea stellata
Tutthaka &ndash Copper sulphate
Sariva &ndash Hemidesmus indicus
Naktamala beeja &ndash Seeds of Pongamia pinnata
Taila &ndash Sesame oil &ndash 768 ml
Water &ndash 3.072 liters