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Pimpletone Powder

Rs. 125


Medicine on pimples, scars, blackpatches

(For external use only. Make a paste of 1/4 tsp pimpletone with water. Apply on face. Wash off after 10 minutes. Use once or twice a week)

Pimples is a great problem of todays young generation. A small pimple affects the beauty & personality which gives inferiority complex & affects health.
Harmones imbalance, imbalanced diet, late sleep, stress & tensions, excessive heat, acidity cause pimples.
External applications give temporary results. What you need is a treatment on root cause.
Daily take Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvijyeshta 1 & Wheatgrasso 1 & apply pack of pimpletone with water once or twice a week.
Avoide eating banana, curds, guvua & custered apple from diet. Buttermilk you can consume in the afternoon but not at night.
Use the treatment for 4-5 months & then gradually stop as per the results. Tanvishataa 2-2 or 1-1 continue further as a preventive tonic for pimples complaint.
Not only in children & youngsters but nowadays in adults & in oldage also complaint of pimples is seen due to stressfull life, harmones imbalance etc.
Drink lot of water, eat cucumber, tomato, juicy fruits & take Tanvitrifla tablet every night for proper digestion.