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Tanvitrifla Satva Tablet(2 Pc)

Rs. 210


Tanvitrifla Satva Tablets

Medicine for Pimples, Dandruff, Constipation etc.

(1 Tablet twice a day after food)

Daily proper stomach clearance is the easy way to be healthy. But in complaints of constipation when we take laxatives, loose motions start which gives weakness.Instead of taking laxatives digest the food & clear the stools with waste is sign of good digestion.

For this Tanvitrifla tablet is a mild laxative & liver tonic. Being concentrate, Tanvis small pinch size Tanvitrifla tablet is enough where 1 big teaspoon trifla powder is required. Powder gives nautiatic feel, vomiting & removes tounge taste. Instead of that everybody likes taking tyny Tanvitrifla tablet which is effective & concentrated treatment Without bitter taste & easy to use for all.Tanvitrifla tablet is an eye tonic on Eye pain, burning, blurr Vision, redish eyes, spects etc. on different eye complaints it can be taken with Tanvi Combinations.Scientists in BARC have proved that trifla herb is a best medicine on cancer. With chemical treatments cancerous cells, good cells are both damaged but with trifla only cancerous cells are damaged & health improves. Tanvitrifla Tablet is a herbal, natural digestive tonic which give good results without serious side effects so as an anti cancer tonic Tanvitrifla tablet can be taken for prevention.