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Aloevera Powder (20%off)

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Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Powder

The health benefits of aloe vera are numerous, beginning with improving the digestive system, it can result in an optimal health in the long run. It strengthens the immune system, delays the aging process, cures dermatitis, alleviates menstrual problems, reduces arthritis pain, and heals wounds. It also cures nausea, eliminates ulcers, lowers blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, reduces oxidative stress, inhibits cancerous growth, heals the side effects of radiotherapy treatments, promotes hair growth, and soothes acid reflux symptom.

This widely useful plant also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, improves cardiovascular functions, alleviates joint and muscle pain, enhances lifespan, and cures gum diseases. It has been used for ages to alleviate pain since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is also known as medicinal aloe, and it is commonly called are lily of the desert, burn plant, and elephant&rsquos gall. It belongs to the family of succulent plants in the genus &lsquoAloe&rsquo. The origin of this burn plant is believed to be in Sudan and has been used for more than 6,000 years. Aloe vera plant is often a stemless or sometimes very short-stemmed juicy plant that grows around 60&ndash100 cm (24&ndash39 inch) in height and the offsets spread out wide. The leaves of this plant are thick and fleshy and the color varies from green to gray-green.

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is generally known for its soothing, skin healing properties.  However, aloe can also be be used in a myriad of other ways.  Health benefits include:

  • Soothes and helps reduce irritation in the digestive tract. From irritable bowel syndrome to colitis or constipation, aloe vera powder helps to make food and other supplements more bio-available to your body.  
  • Activates white blood cells in the body to help fight viral and bacterial infections.  
  • Has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics by as much as 48%. 
  • When taken orally, it can be used as a laxative and purgative. 
  • When used internally, can also be a remedy for many other ailments such as coughs, wounds, ulcers, gastritis, diabetes, headaches, arthritis, and immune-system deficiencies.
  • Known for improving kidney, gall bladder, and liver functions as well as helping with blood circulation. 
  • Has been used as a medicine for centuries to treat sunburns, scrapes, cuts, rashes, and dry skin.  
  • Helps to treat acne and rosacea, and also to remove stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • Helps to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin which prevent aging of the skin.

How to use Aloe Vera Powder

For Taking Orally :

You can add 1/2 tsp to Smoothies or Juice and take it once a day. As It has odd bitter taste, you can also incapsulate that or take it with pure honey.

For Hair Care :

Hair Masques: Add 1-3 tsp Of Organic Aloe Vera Powder to any moisturising, herbal, Ayurvedic or protein treatment to amp up the conditioning and moisturising.

Hair Wash: Blend Organic Aloe Vera Powder with water, herbal tea or Soapnut/Shikakai tea until the consistency resembles commercial shampoo. Massage the gel gently into the hair and scalp, leave on the hair for up to 5 minutes, then wash out.

As a Post Wash Conditioner: Gradually add water to 1 tsp Organic Aloe Vera Powder and stir until there are no lumps. Stir in another 2 cups of water and shake until all lumps are gone. Pour the liquid over washed hair and leave on the hair for up to 10 minutes. Rinse well.

To Boost Growth: Combine 2 TBS each of Bhringraj Powder and Organic Aloe Vera Powder and 1 tsp Shikakai Powder with water. Apply to scalp for at least an hour and wash out. Repeat once a week.

For Skin Care:

Face Wash: Mix a little (about 1/2 tsp) of Organic Aloe Vera Powder in your palm with a little water until a paste is formed. Dampen the face and massage the gel in with circular motions for up to 5 minutes and rinse well. If the gel is not rinsed well from the skin, it can create a slight tingling sensation for some.