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 Uses of Majuphal / Mazoo / Nut Gall / Oak Gall

Mazoo / Majuphal is used in treatment of internal hemorrhages, diarrhea, gonorrhea, leucorrhoea and other vaginal discharges, to restore postpartum uterine elasticity and to stimulate the contraction of vaginal muscles. Externally it is applied on prolapses of rectum, relaxed, hemorrhoids, etc.

Gall powder is especially used in treatment of dental and oral problems. It is used as an ingredient in dental formulation (such as Gum Tone Charak) for treating gum problems, strengthening gums and teeth.

Anal fissure, vaginal laxity, anus prolapse, piles

Finely powdered gall (1 part) and Vaseline (4-6 parts) are mixed and applied topically.

Chronic diarrhea

In chronic diarrhea, 1 gram of powdered gall is taken, thrice daily with little cinnamon powder.

In advanced stage, the decoction is given in dose of 30-60 ml, thrice daily.


The powder of gall is taken 2-3 times a day in dose of 1-2 grams.


Decoction of galls is used to wash the vaginal area.

Oral problems, nasal catarrh, sore throat

Due to high tannic acid content, the decoction / infusion is used as gargle in oral problems.

Poisoning (Nux vomica, Datura, Aconite, Opium, Antimony etc.)

Once the stomach is emptied, the decoction of galls is given in dose of 50-100 ml.

Piles, dysentery, diarrhea

Dry powder is taken in dose of 500mg to 1 gram with honey.

Prolapse of rectum

The decoction of galls is used as an enema.

Or keep a pad soaked in decoction on anal area.

For making decoction, boil 5-10 grams of bruised galls in half liter water for 10-15 minutes.

Sore throat, Tonsils

Gargle with decoction of galls added with alum.


The galls are boiled, crushed and applied externally on affected body part.


The gall powder is dusted on wounds.