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Anantmool Akkha (20%off)

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Anantmool which means &lsquoendless root&rsquo, has got its name due to its long roots spread way under the ground. This perennial twining plant is found in South Asia and is used throughout India for medicinal purposes as well as beverage. The slender roots of Anantmool are woody and aromatic which smells almost like camphor. The decoction from the roots are mainly used as a coolant or refreshing beverage in many parts of South India by adding sugar and lemon juice to the syrup.


The roots of Anantmool are rich in essential oils, starch, tannic acid, coumarin and triterpenoid saponins. Below listed are the medicinal properties of Anantmool:

  • Anantmool root is administered to new mother&rsquos which boosts the breast milk production and purifies the breast milk.
  • Used in treating respiratory disorders, bronchitis and asthma.
  • Anantmool improves hair growth and is also used in treating eye infections.
  • The leaves of this plant is used in treating gum diseases and tooth problems.
  • The herb is used in treating jaundice, dysentery and bleeding piles.