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Hingwashtak Churna (10%off)

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According to ayurvedic texts &ldquoama&rdquo or body toxins get accumulated due to indigestion of food. Accumulation of body toxins lower the body immunity and pave way for diseases. Hence the food consumed must be healthy and get digested well in time.

Benefits of Hingvastak churna:

All of us experience indigestion one or the other time. Such indigestions have to be tackled naturally. Ayurveda acharyas suggest a preparation called &ldquoHigvastak churna&rdquo  to increase digestion and relieve indigestion. The hingwastak powder helps to digest the body toxin (ama) and prevents its accumulation.

Ingredients of Hingwashtak churna or powder

This can be prepared at home easily by using ingredients available on kitchen shelves.  Here is a method of preparing &ldquohingwastak powder or churna&rdquo.

  1. Dry ginger powder &ndash 1 tea spoon
  2. Long pepper powder (pippali) &ndash 1 tea spoon
  3. Black pepper powder &ndash 1 tea spoon
  4. Ajwain or carom seed powder &ndash 1 tea spoon
  5. Rock salt &ndash 1 tea spoon
  6. Cumin seed powder or jeera powder &ndash 1 tea spoon
  7. Black cumin seed  or kala jeera powder &ndash 1 tea spoon
  8. Pure asafetida powder or hing powder &ndash 1 tea spoon

Mix the above ingredients well. The prepared hingvashtak powder can be stored in an airtight jar and can be consumed as required. It can be stored for 6 months. Consume ¼ tea spoon of higvashtak churna with equal quantity of ghee before consuming food.  It is a boon for foodies who want to relish food without landing up in indigestion.

Hingwastak powder may cause exaggeration of piles in pregnant woman and may also cause acidity. Hence persons with hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer and pregnant ladies should use this under strict medical supervision.