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Khadi Sugar (rock Sugar) 6%off

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Candy sugar commonly identified as khadi shakkar, mishri and rock candy is known for centuries for its therapeutic benefits in Ayurveda. It is known to combat symptoms of weakened immune system, chronic fatigue and stress. However in India, candy sugar has found its most frequent use in soothing a sore or aching throat during a cough.

If you develop a productive cough (a cough that causes phlegm), you can help your body expel the sputum using khadi shakkar. It contains essential nutrients that aid in breaking down the phlegm clearing cough, suggests a study published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal. Plus, it has a soothing effect on your throat and oral cavity. You can also try these 5 other natural remedies if you are suffering from cold and cough.

Here&rsquos how you can use it for cough

  • Take equal amounts of candy sugar and black pepper and grind these ingredients into a smooth mixture.
  • Eat this mixture preferably before retiring to bed and make sure you do not drink water after eating it.
  • You can just add this mixture to your tea and drink it twice daily. Drinking this will help boost your immune system and will help fight the cough.

As mishri is a raw form of sugar, it is healthier as compared to table sugar. In many parts of South India, khadi shakkar is used to prepare a refreshing drink during summers. You can make the drink by mixing a spoonful of mishri powder to a glass of water. It is said to exert a soothing effect on the body and mind and help you relax from stress. The energy from glucose is supposed to relax your senses.

If you are wondering about its calorie count, here&rsquos all you need to know

Calories in candy sugar
Candy sugar is slightly lower in calories than white sugar. According to HealthifyMe, while one teaspoon of white sugar will provide you with 12 calories, one teaspoon of candy sugar will give you ten calories. Even though candy sugar is not too low in calories, you might still consider consuming it as it has a strong taste and only a sprinkle of candy sugar can keep you satiated. Moderation is the key to anything you eat. So, be careful not to eat too much of candy sugar either. Women should limit their sugar consumption to 100 calories per day and men should limit it to 150 calories.