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Praval Panchamrut Dhootpapeshwar

Rs. 214


Agnideepak & Pittashamak combination of Praval along with other Bhasmas triturated with Arka Ksheera. Effective in symptoms of Sama Pitta developed due to increased Drava & Sara content of Pitta. Potent action on digestive system. Reduces heaviness in abdomen in Ajeerna, Parinamshoola.


Pravala Bhasma 2 parts, Shankha Bhasma 1 part, Shouktik Bhasma 1 partKapardika Bhasma 1 part

Bhavana - Arkaksheera


Ajeerna, Amlapitta, Parinamshoola, Atisara, Grahani


1 to 2 tablets 2 times a day with milk, sugar, water or Nimbu Swarasa