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Swas Chintamani Ras Brihat

Rs. 323


  • Usage

    &bullIt gives relief to the lungs and helpful in all types of respiratory diseases and asthma by eliminating accumulated phlegm from lungs
    &bullIt is beneficial in respiration and chronic cough
    &bullThis is beneficial in cough, cold, asthma, fever, chronic respiratory
    &bullThis is especially beneficial in weakness due to long standing Asthma
    &bullThis is also indicated in Phthisis, Anaemia and General Debility
    &bullThis is also behaves as Cardiac tonic and effective in cardiac failure

  • Side Effects

    No side effect reported

  • Ingredients

    Iron, abhrak bhasma, gold bhasma, moti bhasma

  • Dosage

    1 pill with juice of ginger and honey twice a day Or according to the doctor