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Dhatri Lauh Baidyanath (2pc) 5%off

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Description Antacid, Stomachic & Haematinic. Indicated in hyperacidity, abdominal, colic, gastric ulcers,anaemia & dyspepsia. Specific remedy for obesity.

Dhatri Lauh is an Ayurvedic medicine, in tablet form. It is used in treating indigestion, gastritis, constipation etc.  This medicine is used more in North Indian Ayurvedic treatment method. It contains Amla as the main ingredient. 

Dhatri Lauha Benefits:

  • It is used in treating a wide variety of gastric and intestinal complaints.
  • For people suffering with gastritis, this medicine is advised before food.
  • To relieve constipation, abdominal colic, it is administered in between food.
  • To relieve food poisoning effects, it should be taken after food.
  • It is also very good for eyes
  • It is a good natural anti aging medicine, used for rejuvenation.
Effect on Tridosha -Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Dhatri Loh dosage:

 1 to 2 tabs. with madhu twice a day.