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Smritisagar Ras Baidyanath(2pc)

Rs. 237


Smriti sagar rasa is used for the treatment of epilepsy and insanity. It helps to promote memory and to relive insomnia and anxiy.

Indications :
Smriti sagar rasa is useful when the following symptoms are displayed :
» Manasa roga
» Cittodvego
» Smrtinasa
» Vibhrama
» Anidra.

Active Ingredients :
» Kajjali (Combination of calcinated and purified Sulphur and Mercury)
» Suddha Haratala (Calcinated and purified hydrated calcium sulfate)
» Suddha Sila
» Tamra Bhasma (Calcinated and purified copper)
» Vaca kvatha (Acorus calamus kvath prepartion)
» Brahmi Svarasa
» Jyotismati Taila.

ADULTS - 2 tab. Twice a day or as directed by the physician. 
CHILDREN - 1 of the above dose with ghee or warm milk.