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Shankh Vati Baidyanath (2pc) 5%off

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Shankh Vati/Bati is herbomineral Ayurvedic medicine containing Shankha bhasma. Shankh or Conch shell is shell of Turbinella pyrum (species of very large sea snail). Shankh Vati is useful in treating digestive system problems. It is one of the best medicine used for treating various problems related to digestion such as gulma, colic, indigestion, abdominal pain, gas etc. Shankha Vati is also useful in getting relief from the heaviness and discomfort after overeating or eating heavy meal.

Uses of Shankh Vati

  • Various digestion related problems
  • Excessive gas
  • Abdominal pain, Colic
  • Burning sensation in stomach
  • Improper digestion
  • Gulma

Dosage of Shankh Vati

2 tab twice a day, before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.