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Posex Forte(4pc)

Rs. 360


Posex Forte Capsules

In Gynaecology
1) To decrease the severity and duration of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. Management of post-partum bleeding
2) To check bleeding associated with IUCD insertion or MTP procedures.
3) Management of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and premenopuasal bleeding.
4) To prevent or check aggravation of bleeding from haemorrhoids during pregnancy

In General Medicine/Surgery
1) Preoperative prophylaxis in minor surgery
2) Epistaxis
3) Haemoptysis
4) Haematuria
5) Haematemesis
6) Haemorrhoids

2 capsules thrice a day or 2 capsules every two hourly, up to a maximum of 12 capsules in 24 hours, till bleeding stops.
Pre-operative:  2  capsules  thrice  a  day  commencing  two  days  prior  to  operation/ procedure, and continuing for further three days after the operation/procedure is over.

1) Get medical attention immediately in case of any kind of bleeding
2) Apply a gentle pressure, to immediately stop the oozing of blood

1) Do not get agitated or panic stricken. Most cases of bleeding can be well controlled by a doctor.
2) Avoid using unsterile material while stopping the bleeding
3) Do not introduce any sticks, or any other objects to arrest bleeding