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Toop Anjan

Rs. 150


Khojati Toop Anjan is made from the purest natural ingredients based on the Unani Principles of medicines
Khojati Toop Anjan with pure Ghee (Cow Ghee known as Toop) helps strengthen weak tissues of the eyes and to fortify the eyelashes.
Khojati Toop Anjan is extremely cooling and soothing to the eyes and provides relief in cases of Eye Strain due to TV viewing working on the Computer and long hours of work.  It also works as an antidote to eye irritation due to pollution and dust particles.
How to Use:
Wash your hand first, Rub your clean index finger (you can also use clean glass applicator) gently on the surface of the Toop Anjan so that a minimum quantity of the anjan comes on the finger. This is to be applied into the lower eyelid.
Not for Children below 12 years
Cow Ghee 51.88%
Madhu Ka Mome 20.70%
Roghan Nargil 11.50%
Bhimseni Kafoor 6.91%
Mome Vilayati 4.61%
Ark Pudina 4.38%
Sufoof e Syah 0.2%