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Jivan Mixture

Rs. 210


The root cause of most imbalances in health arises from weak and poor digestive system. The digestive fire helps break down of food so nutrients can be absorbed by the body and at the same time it also destroys pathogen. Undigested food is the root cause for pathogens and toxins which disturbs and imbalances the immune system. In turn due to weak immune system your body is attacked by various diseases. But, if digestive fire is maintained there is good digestion which in turn keeps you healthy & fit.



Javerian's Jivan Mixture is highly effective and assures quick relief from:


-Gas & Gripping
-Vomitting & Common Stomach Bugs & Disorders


Each 1ml contains extracts:

Haritaki (Extracts) - 20 mg

Jaiphal (Powder) - 20 mg

Hing (Powder) - 15 mg

Pimpli (Extract) - 20 mg

Pudina Tel - 10 mg

Kapura - 20 mg

Pudina Sat - 10 mg

Ajwan Sat - 5 mg

Water - Q. S.

Colour Added: Tartrazine Yellow



Adults: 1 to 2 ml (35.55 Drops) with 2 to 3 tablespoon full of water.

Child: 0.5 to 1 ml (1 to 10 Drops) with 2 to 3 tablespoon full of water (1 yr. and above).