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Khojati Surma No. 24 Black

Rs. 145


Khojati Surma No. 24 Black

Pack Size: 1.25 gm



This Surma is a unique blend of many useful ingredients. regular use helps prevent conjunctivitis and other viral eye infections. For chronic watering and redness of the eyes this Surma is to be followed by Twinkle Eye Drops.



Sange Basari  47.900%

Ph. Ph. Safed  00.775%

Hab-el-Arus  00.125%

Sadaf Softa (Moti)   00.500%

Arak Phudina  00.500%

Bhimseni Kafoor  40.750%

Gile Surkh  08.950%

Sufoof-e-Syah  00.500%


Directions For Use:

For external use in the eyes only.