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Jakhme Ruz (5 Pc)

Rs. 96



Jakhme Ruz is an ayurvedic medicine topical skin ointment for itching, scabies, piles, external hemorrhoids, scabies, minor cuts and skin burns. Jakhme Ruz is a powerful herbal pink antiseptic ointment that is also beneficial as a mild astringent with good healing properties in bedsores, acne vulgaris, pimples, shoe bite, insect and mosquito bites.

Jakhme Ruz Benefits:
* Natural and safe ayurvedic ointment
* Powerful antiseptic cream for topical application

Jakhme Ruz Indications:
Itchy Skin
Skin Rash
Jock Itch
External Hemorrhoids
Minor Skin Cuts
Minor Skin Burns
Bed Sore
Acne & Pimples
Shoe Bites
Insect Bite
Mosquito Bite

Jakhme Ruz Usage:
Apply sufficient quantity of Jakhme Ruz Ointment on the affected are and rub for 2 minutes or as directed by a physician or your medical practitioner.

Jakhme Ruz Composition: (Ingredients)
Jasat Bhasma / Zinc Oxide - 20%
Gandhak / Sulphur - 7%
Ras Kapoor / Mercuric Chloride - 0.5%
Tankankhar / Borax
Base - q.s. (Contains Vegetable Oils)