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Rs. 265


Useful in hair growth & as antidandruff hair tonic .

Symptoms: Hair fall , Dandruff, Greying of hair , retarded growth of hair etc.

Causes: Insufficient blood supply Excessive use of harmful chemicals shampoos , pollution , Polluted water , Improper diet.

Composition: Each Tab Contains

Shatavari Choorna

60 mg

Vidarikand powder

60 mg

Ashwagandha Choorna

30 mg

Arjunsaal Powder

30 mg

Makshik Bhasma

1.2 mg

Functioning : Shavidha is a complete natural hair tonic . Due to inadequate blood supply, the problems like dandruff , graying of hair ,hair fall etc arises. For healthy growth , nourishment from its roots is most essential. The Contents of Shavidha purify and increase qyality and quantity of blood. Shavidha helps in establishing this blood circulation. Therefore along with application of hair nourishing oil, intake of shavidha is very essential.