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Brainta Granules

Rs. 253


BRAINTA is a product of Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Pune which has been in the market since the last 26 years. With over 10 million satisfied people throughout India and abroad, Sharangdhar BRAINTA focuses to treat the root cause and also provide relief for the symptoms.

Cause:- Mental stress, Physical overstrain unwholesome food bad reaction to certain medicines head injuries bad food habits

Symptoms: - lack of concentration depression, emotional instability anxiety insomnia behavioral problems poor memory, loss of memory forgetfulness study problems restlessness mental weakness mental tension exhaustion from heavy workloads etc.

Action:- Brainta is a complex blend of Ayurveda&rsquos most valued herbs for strengthening and rejuvenating the mind ingredients such as Brahmi Shankhpushpi and Ashwagandha are well known for their ability to improve concentration comprehension memory retention and recall while herbs like Vek hand jatamansi and badishep bring stability and tulsi imparts energy to the brain. These herbs help to remove mental blocks and hence improves concentration and alertness. This formula is perfect for students of all ages or those who put their mental energy to the test with intense day to day workloads it imparts strengthening nervous and immune system and nourishes brain tissue.