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Dashmularishta Sandu ( 2pc )

Rs. 398



·It combines the synergistic benefit of Dashmool with other herbs
·Strengthens the myometrial muscles in Uterus, which enables them to achieve adequate uterine contraction required to expel menstrual discharge.
·Dashmoolarishta is useful in relieving mild to moderate pain in cases of dysmenorrhea.
·Recommended in cases of infertility
·It provides strength to post natal women and helps uterus to regain normal in size & shape

Dose: 2-4 tsf 2 times

Indications: Dysmenorrhoea, Postnatal care, Anorexia, Vomiting, IBS, Cough, Asthma, Degenerative diseases, Vata disorders, Piles.