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Amla Juice Baidyanath

Rs. 125


Amla Juice 1 litre

Baidyanath Amla juice has been extracted from Indian Gooseberry or Amla to provide multiple healthy benefits for a better body and mind. It is a rich source of Vitamin C,Vitamin A, Iron, Phosphorus, Folic acid, Carbohydrate and Calcium. It boosts immunity, effective for cough & cold. Baidyanath Amla juice is highly beneficial for blood pressure patients. It is effective for weight loss. Baidyanath Amla juice is anti-aging tonic. It is an excellent anti oxidant. It is useful in eye problems.


  • * Boosts immunity, effective for cough & cold
  • * Highly beneficial for blood pressure patients
  • * Effective for weight loss
  • * Anti-aging tonic
  • * Anti oxidant
  • * Useful in eye problems
  • * Can be applied on the scalp to control dandruff and hair fall
  • * Helps to control premature greying of hair

Mix 30 ml of organic Baidyanath&rsquos Amla Juice in a glass of water. Add honey/salt/sugar as per taste. Consume daily on an empty stomach in the morning.