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Defet 5 Capsules ( Ayulabs ) 10 Pc

Rs. 320


Ayulabs Defet 5 Capsules

Puts your obese patient on road to fitness
OBESITY a sign of prosperity, or propensity towards complications ?

Benefits of using Defet-5 Capsule:
» Facilitates lipolysis in adipose tissues.
» Dissolves fat globules and promotes elimination.
» Promotes normal cellular metabolism and reduces adiposity.
» Reduces harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
» Ensures reduction in body fat and weight

Defet -5 Capsule is a well thought and well balanced combination to cut down obesity assuring normal activity, normal life and normal figure. Obese persons are more prone to hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac complications etc., as compared to normal person. Defet-5 Capsule cuts down obesity, reduces complication, dilutes risks and promotes mobility. Defet-5 capsule reduces serum cholesterol level (Triglycerides).

Indication for use of Defet-5 Capsule :
To correct improper fat metabolism resulting in undue weight-gain and obesity.