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Criston Capsule ( Ayulabs ) 6pc

Rs. 226


Criston Capsule Ayulabs

Benefits of Criston Capsules :

» Disintegrates & Dissolves the calculi, clears the blockade.

» Inhibits Crystallization of Phosphates & Oxalates.

» Induces Diuresis, Prevents super saturation of urine

Indications for use of Criston Capsule :

Renal calculi, Urethral calculi, dysuria, anuresis, burning micturition, Hematuria, Secondary infections due to calculi

Dosage of Criston Capsules :

Two to Three capsules a day with plenty of water or as directed by the physician. The drug may be taken with plenty of water, preferably with coconut water to enhance more dieresis for throwing the calculi out of body. For better and faster results Criston Capsule may be given with Criston Capsules