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Nagarmotha Powder ( Dr Jain's )

Rs. 160



Nagarmotha roots of good quality are fingerlike in thickness,long,and aromatic. Dried ones are more aro¬matic than fresh ones. It contains pinenes and cineole. Their action is to help dilatation of capillaries. It stimulates sebaceous glands near hair roots. Therefore is used in hair care and also in &lsquoubtan&rsquo or in skin care.
In olden days, these roots were kept in folds of clothes for their mild aroma and to keep clothes free from fungal infestation. Ladies used to keep this root in their neck¬laces, It increases lactation in lactating mothers. The local application helps to reduce the inflammation of breast glands. It pacifies thirst in hot season. Hair gives mild aromatic fragrance when washed with Nagarmotha.

Additional Info

It is also known as Varida, Meghnad, Kuruvind, musta in Sanskrit and Motha, Bhadramuka, Mustaka, Kachula in Hindi. It is available as Kshudra Musta and Motha Musta.