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Amba Haldi Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 120




  • Mainly used for skin acne.
  • Used for cuts, wounds & blunt heat to recirculate accumulated regular intake purifies blood as well as controls coagh.

The name itself suggests two things &ndash Amba and Haldi. The rhizomes are similar to Haldi, but if they are broken and smelt, they smell like a raw mango fruit. So the name Ambahaldi mean¬ing Amragandhi Haldi. (The one which smells like Mango.) It is known as Surnaika, Karpora, Surabhidaru and Padmapatra in Sanskrit.

This Ambahaldi is of Tikta¬Madhur rasa, Katu vipaka and Sheeta virya and has Laghu and Ruksha, properties.

It&rsquos local action is useful to the health of the skin. Kandughna means one which reduces itching, relieves pain and is anti-inflamma-tory. It is used by beauty parlours in &lsquoBleaching formula&rsquo.

It contains a type of oil, in addition to some chemicals. It is more strong than kitchen Haldi, It is bitter, sour and astringent in taste, which stimulate the taste buds. So some make pickles with Ambahaldi. In blood disorders, the intake of Ambahaldi (1-4 gm.) brings cooling effect in body and blood. So it is used as digestant and as an antacid.