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Amla Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 3pc

Rs. 125




  • Prevents common cold
  • It is a nutritional powerhouse and hence used to boost immunity and restore body's vitality.
  • It provides energy to vital organs and hence used in chronic illness recovery.
  • It helps in regulating blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.
  • Amlafacilitates absorption of iron in the body and improves hemoglobin level.
  • Amla possesses potent anti¬inflammatory action and hence used in various gastrointestinal tract inflammation such as gastritis.
  • It reduces serum cholesterol and reduces high blood pressure
  • Amla, either as a single herb or in combination with other herbs has been used to treat many health ailments such as&hellip Acidity, Baldness, Boils in the Mouth, Cataract, Chicken¬pox, Common cough and cold, Constipation, Chronic Headache, Chronic Fever, Darkness before the Eyes, Discharge of Albumin, Dryness in the Body, Diabetes, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Premature Ejaculation, General Debility, Gout, Hoarse Voice, Hair¬Loss, High Blood Pressure, Hysteria, Indigestion, Itching on the Body, Impure Blood, Eruptions, Jaundice, Loose Motions, Menstrual Disturbance, Migraine, Nose Bleeding, Obesity, Pimples, Piles, Poisonous Insect¬bite, Rashes, Restlessness.

    How to use

  • Consuming regularly Fresh Aamla juice mixed with fresh ginger juice, honey & a pinch of rock salt is an effective remedy to prevent frequent attacks of common cold and sinusitis.
  • Hair care &ndash Add 750 gms of Aamla fruits, after making multiple pinholes in them, in 1 litre of coconut oil and keep in direct sunlight for 10 days, thereafter stored in glass containers. Applying regularly to hair & scalp is an effective remedy for preventing premature graying & falling of hair besides providing a conditioning & coolant effect to the hair.
  • Oily hair ¬ Take half cup of Aamla juice & half a cup of lime juice and dilute this with water to apply & use as an anti¬oil hair wash.
    Bleeding ¬ Drink fresh juice of Aamla fruits diluted in water, or mix 1 teaspoon of dried Aamla powder in a glass of water with some honey and drink 2¬3 times a day. It helps to check bleeding.
  • White spots on Nails &ndash Aamla, being an excellent source of Vit¬C, acts as an effective remedy in vitamin¬deficient conditions.
    Anaemia¬ Add Aamla juice & honey to sugarcane juice and drink everyday.