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San Rose Avaleha ( Santulan )

Rs. 430


Santulan - San Rose

Santulan San Rose is the next step of Gulkand with the combination of Gulkand, PRaval Panchamrut and Suwarna Makshik bhasma and other herbs and Minerals. Which help improves blood (iron and hemoglobin) and bone health. Excellent rejuvenating tonic by Dr. Balaji Tambe for both men and women. Promotes hormonal balance, improves stamina, improves immune function and contributes to a glowing complexion. Very useful before and during pregnancy and also after delivery.

Effect on Tridosha

Help balances Pitta dosha


  • Blood-related problems like Iron and Hemoglobin
  • During Pregnancy
  • Post Pregnancy
  • Immunity booster
  • Stamina booster
  • Glowing complexion of skin



One to two teaspoon twice a day, with milk or any warm drink. Before or after food or as per doctor advice.