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Pilma Tablet ( V N Pharma )

Rs. 175



We offer Pilma Tablets that provide relief from Piles without Operation and No Food & Drink restrictions. Prepared from the pure natural herbs which are procured from the renowned vendors, these Pilma Tablets have no side-effects. Our Pilma Tablets are completely Ayurvedic and effective for all types of piles. We offer Pilma Tablets at market leading prices.


  • Gives immediate relief from burning sensation
  • Stop bleeding immediately
  • Reduces and prevents swelling
  • 100 % Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles
  • Effective for all types of piles
  • For immediate relief from burning sensation
  • Stop bleeding immediately
  • Can be used in cases where the organ comes out of the body

What PILMA Does?
Pilma Facilitates easy digestion and causes smoothing sensation in the affected area. Motions are passed out without pain. There are no food and drink restrictions to be followed. It removes excess of heat from the body. It restores lost energy and vigor to the body. It does not contain any harmful ingredients

How to Use
It can be used by all age groups &ndash one spoon to be taken orally with water or milk or honey or any fruit juice in the night before retiring to bed.


  • Tablets : 2 Tablets in the morning & 2 Tablets at Night