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Brahmi Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 110




  • Nervous system Hysteria and Epilepsy / Improving less controlling or brain to organ
  • ­It is useful to nourish the brain as well as majja channel in general and to pacify mind.
  • It stimulates intellect by removing mental weakness in a patients suffering from Hysteria and Epilepsy
  • It should be used as Pitta pacifying and to nourish majja tissue in loss of memory and confusion caused by derangement of mental functions.

Brahma is the divinity responsible for all &lsquocreative&rsquo forces in the world. Brahmi literally means the &lsquoenergy or shakti of Brahman (ieSarasvati). With Brahmi deriving its name from these roots it has a lot to live up to. And it does! Its mind enhancing and nervous system soothing effects are legendary.

How to use

Brahmi juice should be given with honey in Hysteria and epilepsy.

Brahmi powder should be given with honey for a long time to stimulate intellect, memory and to increase life span.

Saraswata powder should be given with honey to stimulate intellect and memory. It contains brahmi.

An oil made from triphala, shati, usheera and brahmi juice calms the mind

Dosage: Juice­ 5 to 10 ml. Powder ­ 1 to 4 gm.