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Chandan ( Sandalwood) Oil Dr Jain's

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Benefits &ndash

  • Chandan oil is used in Aroma therapy for giving cooling effect to the skin, relieving tensions, relax­ation of mind and as sex stimulant.
  • Chandan oil is used in many

This part of shlokaemphasises about the scarcity, significance and sacredness of Chandan.In ancient literature, it has been included as one of the essential parts of Ashtadravya (8 substances) in worship of God. Not only this, in romantic literature also, Chandanuti, and Chandan oil has been given special importance. Applying ChandanTilak on forehead is still in prac¬tice in India. So Chandan is very familiar in all social customs, from birth ceremony to death ceremony.
Look at its synonyms in Sanskrit. They are so meaningful &ldquoShrikhand, Gandhasara, Sarpavasa, Malayaj, Bhadrashree, Chandruti, Mangalya, Sheetal, Bhogivallabha. In India, Chandan trees are found in abundance in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and in some parts of Konkan. In Maharashtra, there are many Chandan trees, in the district of Kolhapur. It is 10 to 14 metres in height, evergreen tree. The bark of tree is grey¬ish black, reddish and brittle inside and the outside of bark is white, odourless, whereas internal portion is very fragrant and contains oil. Leaves are 3-5 cm. long, ovate, deep green and flowers are baingancoloured with yellowish tinge. The tree blossoms in rainy season and winter, and later the fruits are seen. The tree grows old after 50 years. Chandan duo that is ShvetaChandan (Santalum album) and RaktaChandan (Pterocarpussantalinus) are used as medicinal herbs. This medicinal tree is a partial root parasite, therefore it carries the bad or good properties of the host on which it grows. The tree can be grown from seeds or roots. 1.5 to 8% aromatic oil can be obtained of the wood. Oil contains 89-96% santalol. Chandan growing on hill side areas is bet¬ter than Chandan growing elsewhere and it contains more quantity of oil too. (e.g. Chandan from Malbar Hills.)