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Gulab ( Rose ) Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 230




  • Useful in skin &ndash care
  • It is used as 'brain tonic'
  • Gulkand is made from rose petals and is used as a cooling &ndash tonic in summer.
  • very useful for underweight children, and preg­nant ladies.
  • Reduces burning of skin
  • Also used in healing cracks on palms and soles, and for removing dead cell from upper upper layer of skin.
  • Rose water (prepared from petals) is used for washing eyes.

This beautiful flower has been a subject of many poems. The references are also available in ancient Greek Literature. DeshiGulab used for medicinal purpose is also known as Taruni, Golap. The pink coloured rose, whose petals fall off easily, and with sweet aroma is used for medicinal purpose. Nowdays, many varieties of roses are available, however only a few species described above are useful in skin &ndash care. The flowers are a little bitter and sweet in taste. A flowering bud and petals are used in medicine. Rose bud is &lsquoSheetal&rsquo (cooling effect,), and a mild purgative. If used internally, it helps purgation, improves appetite and digests food. It is cardiac stimulant and used in Rakta-pitta and other blood disorders. It is &lsquoSheetal&rsquo, hence used in burns. It is used as &lsquobrain tonic&rsquo because of its &lsquoMedhya&rsquo property. It is a Vajikarana i.e. aphrodisiac, so is used inVigourand vitality products&rsquo.
Rose petals have vitamins E and K, which are not only beneficial to the skin but also useful in refreshing the dull skin after removing old make &ndash up, protecting from pollution, and as nutrient to the skin. For all above purpose, finely ground and sieved powder of rose-petals should be used. In the language of Beauty Parlour, Rose petals have properties of cleansing, toning, moisturising and nourishing.