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Gulvel Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 85




  • Gulvel is useful in fever mainly because of Tikta rasa. The decoction of Gulvel and Pippali is used in Vata-Kaphaja type of fever.
  • It improves general weakness due to chronic fever. It nourishes generally.
  • It relieves the associating symptoms as cough, mild pain, enlargement of spleen etc. Gulvel is a tonic not only for general health but specifically for heart.
  • It protects heart fromtoxins (formed in fever) and gives strength to the heart. Gulvel is given to reduce post febrile weakness and to reduce burning of hands and feet.
  • Gulvel is also used in diabetes. It pacifies Meda, Kleda and prameha doshas. Gulvel is Mutrajanan (diuretiOand Mutravirajaniya. So it is useful in disorders of urinary system. Gulvel is also help¬ful in skin diseases.
  • It detoxifies Kledak Kapha and purifies blood. Gulvel is also useful in purification of breast milk and also used in ophthalmic disorders.
  • In this way, Gulvel is a very good Rasayan or rejuvinant.

The old texts recommend it&rsquos use with ghee in Vataja disorder, with sugar in Pittaja disorders, and with sugar in Kaphaja disorders. Its local action is that it is a pain killer and helps in skin disorders. Being a good Rasayan it acts on all seven dhatus and nourishes them well.

Gulvel is Deepan and Pachan. It liquifies Kapha and Pitta and reduces acidity of stomach. It binds stool. It is useful in Trishna, Vomitting, loss of appetite, colitic disorders, jaundice, acidity, gastroenteritis diarrhoea, dysentery, amoebiasis and worm infestation.

Regular intake of Gulvel helps in jaundice and liver dis¬eases. Gulvel helps in smooth flow of Pitta or secretions. It also reduces inflammation of liver. It purifies contaminated Pitta (which causes ob¬struction in the circulatory system).
Gulvel increases appetite helps in digestion, improves colour of the blood, and gives strength. The bitter taste and nutritious value of Gulvel is very useful in regaining strength and resistance power after any disease or weakness due to any other reason.