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Harda Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 85




  • Consumption of harda helps to prevent all types of disease.
  • It improves intelligence and memory.
  • It relieves the complaints of indigestion
  • It is useful in acidity, piles, enlarged spleen and liver, headache, cough, ophthalmic diseases, healing wounds and mouth ulcers.
  • It gives the strength to eyes and other sense organs
  • Remove the dullness of mind.
  • It definitely improve the health of body and mind or both

Haritaki has been called the best among all the Ayurvedic medi­cines. It is said that nector stored for Gods in heaven, when fell on earth, each drop of it turned to Hirda. Really Hirda is a nector. The other synonyms in Sanskrit empha­size the importance of this honourable medicinal herb. They are viz. Abhaya, Avyatha, Shreyasi, Shiva, Putana (the one which is sacred), Chetaki (which purifies the strotas or channels of the body).

How to use

Daily 1 gm. of Hirda powder alongwith ghee increases longevity.
if used before examination days, it will definitely improve the health of body and mind or both. Daily intake of 1-2 gm. powder with little warm water will certainly show the difference.