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Jyeshthamadh Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 110


DR.JAIN'S Jyeshthamadh Powder


  • Used for boost the body&rsquos immune system, arthritis and fever, acidity & cough.
  • Helps to protect stomach tissue and so reduces symptoms of stomach upsets and ulcers.
  • Highly effective to lower increased bile in jaundice
  • It is an effective remedy for various mental disorders and mental retardation, regularizes digestion, respiration and eliminates general body weakness and hair and skin related problems.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties can help to ease the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Jeshthamadh is a one of the best herbs for Helps to lower cholesterol.
  • Jeshthamadh used as an anti-allergenic so is helpful for hay fever and conjunctivitis sufferers.

Jeshthamadh also has the medicinal properties so it is one of most important substance in ayurvedicmedicine.We offers natural and fresh Jeshthamadh root, We are exporter of farm fresh pure natural Jeshthamadh root.