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Khus ( Vala ) Powder (dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 220




  • Khus is also used in cosmetics, soaps&rsquo etc
  • It is used in some of the skin disorder
  • Use to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Herbs for improving complexion of the skin.
  • Use for cooling effect in the treatment of pimples and Acne

It is found all over India. It grows mainly on marshy land. This medicinal herb, which is a type of grass,grows 2-5 feet in height.. The roots are aromatic and are found in lumps.It multiplies within 2 years after plantation and its roots spread every where.Plantations of blocks of Khus in Garden adds to the beauty of gardens.these roots are harvested after2 years, cleaned from mud, soil etc., washed thoroughly and then dried. Khus is of 2 types. White or Black. Other thanmedicine, Khus Strands are also used for preparing hand woven curtains and hand woven fans &ndash which are used in summer. Aromatic oil is also obtained from Khus. Khus of North India (VetiverOil )is more aromatic than that. from South India. Khus and it&rsquos oil are maim, hill from India on large scale.

How to use

test for suitability by applying the medicinal herb on small portion of skin first. e.g. &ndash If it is to be applied on face, apply on wrist first and confirm whether it is safe for your body, constitution. Sensitivity of skin differs from person to person and likewise therefore the suitability of herbs.