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Maka Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 3pc

Rs. 125




  • Improves quality of hair. Hence it is one of the prime herbs used in many hair oils
  • Goodanti-inflammatory herb, relieves pain, swelling and redness.
  • Improves strength of teeth
  • Useful in anemia, early stage of liver diseases
  • Useful in grey hairs

Ayurved describes Maka as &lsquoKESHAR ANJAKA&rsquo. Makadarke ns hair to original black colour of Bhring (a black insect) and so it has bien called as &lsquoBHRINGRAJ&rsquo. It is called Keshra,&rsquo,Keshranjan, Markey. Bhringar, Pitrupriya in Sanskrit, Bhangra, B1 ingraila, Bhangraiya in Hindi and Bhangro in Gujrati.

Maka. grows everywhere in rainy seas- i plentyful, in rice fields, in Konkan region. There are two types &ndash one with white flowers and the other with yellow. The one with white flowers is easily available to us.

Also used in a family death anniversary rituals like &lsquoShradaa&rsquo or when crivingtPinda&rsquo, so is called &lsquoPitrupriya&rsquo. The leaves are opposite without stalk, and hairy. It contains alkaloid called ecliptine. It has :lie property of dying (KesharaniaaUt also helps hair growth. In &lsquoAden days, leaves of Maka were rubbed, where tatooing was done, to fasten the tatooMaka also helps in inducing a good sleep.