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Satej Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 160


DR.JAIN'S Satej Powder



The formula contains Papai, Korphad, Kachursugandhi, Ambahaldi, Gulab, Multanimati and natural fragrance.

How to use

Take the required quantity of powder and prepare a paste with water, and apply on the affected parts. Keep for 20 minutes. Before washing, gently massage the face which helps to peel off the digested upper layer of the skin. For this, let the paste not dry up completely. Because of this massage, the upper layer of skin rejuvenates. But, for first few days, massage slowly and not vigorously so as not to harm skin.

For those with sensitive skin, a paste is prepared by adding Multanimati in equal amount to &lsquoSatej Powder&rsquo. Do not use Multanimati available in the bazars. Use only that which is fine and sterilised, made available by our Institute. Those with very sensitive and dry skin can add milk cream when preparing Satej paste.