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Shikekai Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 120


DR.JAIN'S Shikekai Powder


  • Used for hairwash
  • Remove oiliness of hair.
  • The use of Shikekaihelps in growth of hair & in preventing Dandruff.

In India, Shikekai is very com¬monly used for hair wash. In Sanskrit, Shikekai is called Shaala, Saptala, Charmakasha, Vidula, Satphala, Vimala whereas in Hindi as Chikekai, Kochi and in Gujrati as Chikakhai. It is a hardy creeper, with white thorns and dots on its branches. Leaves are duate, small, and sour in taste. The pods are 7-12 ems. in length and be¬come red and wrinkled on drying.