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Rose Wood Oil ( Dr Jain's )

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DR.JAIN'S Rose Wood Oil

Benefits &ndash

  • For skin &ndash It heals the skin and is suitable for all types of skin particularly useful in sensitive and damages skin.
  • For hair &ndash To heal and nourish scalp. To undo the injury to scalp due to chemicals, heat, friction, hard water.
  • Mind &ndash Has balancing and harmonizing effect. It is gente stimulant and helps in depression characterized by lethargy, chronic fatigue.
  • Aphrodisiac &ndash stimulates both partners, lifts spirit and energy.
  • In insomnia
  • Aids meditation by cleaning mind &ndash has affinity for crown chakra and excellent for spiritual healing.

General Instructions

Aromatherapy oils can be used by following methods.
1) Massage &ndash Mix 10 to 30 drops of aromatherapy oil in 50 ml base oil (Til oil, corn oil etc.) and massage on affected part of give full body massage. Formula can be prepared by using Dr, Jain&rsquos Aloe Vera Liquid, Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Gel etc.
2) Water Method.
A) Baths &ndash Add 2 to 4 drops of aromatherapy oil in one bucket warm water (app. 25 lit.) and take bath. Can add to Foot Bath, Sitz bath.
B) By Compress &ndash (Hot or Cold Compress)
An aromatherapy oil compress may soothe aches, sprains, or swelling.
Take a bowl of cold or hot water as required. Add some drops of aromatherapy oil in it (1 drop for 100ml.water). Immerse a cloth in the water, squeeze it lightly and place over the affected area for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. Use hot water for muscular aches and cold for sprains or headaches. Alternate way is to make thick paste with wonder mitti(Dr. Jain&rsquos), add few drops of Aromatherapy oil and apply thick lep on affected part. Cover it with cloth and wash after 30 mins.
3) Room Method &ndash
For fresh and fragrant atmosphere add 2-4 drops of aromatherapy oil on vaporizer. Also can add to spray bottle (4 drops to 200 ml water) and spray. One can add few drops to the water used for cleaning the floor, tables, counters.

How to use

1) Never use essential oils directly. Always mix them with base oil. Not to be taken orally.
2) Avoid contact with eyes, genital area, open wound.
3) Avoid in pregnancy, lactation, infants, patients with epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, cancer, fever, allergy, infectious skinconditions, post-operative period.
4) Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight, heat and children. Close the cap tightly and avoid contact with wate