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Pimplor Powder ( Dr Jain's ) 2pc

Rs. 190


DR.JAIN'S Pimplor


  • Use for remove PIMPLES

This formula contains Arjun, Manjishth, Gorakh mundi (Armin), Neem, Papai, Jamun, Raktachandan, Anantmul, Vekhanda.

How to use

Take the required amount of powder and prepare a paste in watApply at the affected area and wash with plain water after 20 minuts
This is to be done daily.
As mentioned previously, apply the mixture first to the wrist. If thereis no recaction thenonly apply to the face. Many a times, pimples are very mild. For that, the formula may prove irritant. To dilute mix add Multanimati in Pimplor, make a paste and use.