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Cviti Stevia Powder

Rs. 420


Cviti Stevia Powder

Nutrivalue Stevia Zero Calorie Natural Sugar Substitute , 200gm

Healthy Choice Cviti.
&bull Stevia Zero Calorie Natural Sugar Substitute
&bull Non Nutritive Sweetener
&bull No Artificial Ingredients
&bull No after Taste

How to use?
Appears exactly like sugar and can also be used like sugar. In place of one teaspoon ( 4 gm) of regular sugar you can use one Cviti spoon ( 0.75 gms) to give the same sweetness.
One spoonful of sugar will give you 16 Kcal where as one Cviti spoon equivalent will have just two Kcal. Tastes just like sugar but the sweetness remains longer.

Health Benefits:
&bull Diabetes: Activate beta cells of pancreas to secrete more insulin, increase glucose tolerance in diabetic patients
&bull Help to control Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
&bull Aids in digestion and reduces acidity
&bull Anti Oxidant and a weight Loss aid 
&bull Cardiac Tonic
&bull Anti bacterial, anti viral and anti ageing

Ingredients: Stevia Extracts, Erythritol