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Pancharas Churna (pack Of 2)

Rs. 145


Pancharas is herbal Digestive & carminative mouth freshener. It Contains mixture of traditional ingredients like Shatpushpa, Ajmoda, and Yashtimadhu & Natural flavoring agents which refreshes the breath. Pancharas keeps the user free from lethargy & makes feel lighter & energetic all the time. It aids to digestion by stimulating the 5 digestive juices and relives constipation, improves appetite. Pancharas stimulates secretion of Mukha Ras (Salivary secretion), Swadu Ras(Pancreatic juices), Pitta Ras (Billiary juices) , Jathar Ras ( Gastric juices) & Aantra Ras ( Intestinal juices) and hence it is known as Pancharas which helps for digestion

  • Natural/ Herbal Mouth Freshener
  • 100% use of high quality herbal ingredients
  • Herbal Digestive & carminative
  • Improvement of appetite
  • Rich in taste&hellip.Sweet and Salty flavour.
  • Delicious after meal titbit.