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Ushirasav (2pc) Sandu

Rs. 356


Cooling, haemostatic and pitta pacifying

It is diuretic, cooling, tranquilizer and blood purifier. It is useful in all types of bleeding disorders, e.g. epistaxis, bleeding per rectum, menorrhagia etc.

Indications : Bleeding disorders, UTI, Urolithiasis, Bleeding Piles, Diabetes, Menorrhagia

Dose : 4 tsf 2 times

Vetiveria zizanioidis, Nelumbo nucifera, Gmelina arborea, callicarpa macrophylla, symplocos racemosa, Rubia cordifolia etc.
It is also useful in dyswia, oligwia & burning micturition.
It is useful in urolithiasis.