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Sanjeevani Gutika ( Dhootapapeshwar ) 2pc

Rs. 128


Dhootapapeshwar Sanjeevani Gutika

An effective Guti acting on Annavaha Srotas. Useful in Ajeerna, Amatisara, Pravahika being Teekshna, Ushna, Deepak & Amapachak. Acts against the diseases of respiratory tract caused due to Agnimandya & other digestive disorders. Most effective in the treatment of Krumi with its &lsquoPrakrutivighat&rsquo activity i.e. Krumighna, which eradicate the tendency of recurrence.

Agnimandya, Ajeerna, Kaphapradhan Ajeerna & Atisara, Pravahika, Krumi, Pratishyaya, Jwara, Kasa, Shwasa. In Varsha Rhutu, Water borne diseases like Visuchika
Special precaution - Not advisable during Greeshma Rhutu, persons with Pittaprakruti & Garbhini  being Ushna & Teekshna

1 to 2 tablets 2 times a day with honey, Ardrak Swaras or lukewarm water