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Pet Saffa Tablet(pack Of 2)

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Constipation - a very common problem nowadays rarely discussed as people are shy and
reluctant to talk about it openly. There are many in society who discuss all these things
in polite company and are even hesitant to explain it to the doctor while checkups. Due to
this hesitation, mistaken belief and lack of awareness about the consequences, causes and
treatment, there is often seen a failure in getting effective relief.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a condition of digestive system in which a person passes fewer than
three stools per week and severe like less than three stools per week. The sufferer
has hard feces(stool) that are difficult to expel. The slower the food moves through
the digestive tract, the more the colon will absorb from food as a result,
feces(stool) become hard and dry. Consequently defecation (emptying of bowel)
becomes painful and in some chronic cases there may be symptoms of bowel
obstruction. When the constipation is very severe, prevents the passage
of feces(stool) and gas then it is called obstipation.

  • Infrequent or difficult Bowel Movement

  • Lower abdominal Discomfort or Pain

  • Physiological obsession & distress with having bowel movement

  • Diarrhea- a blockage that only allows liquid to pass

  • Vomiting, feeling uncomfortable & sluggish

  • Vomiting, Nausea and Weight loss

  • Dry Bowel Movement

  • Small & hard stools