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Nitul Tablet ( Shriji Herbal ) 2pc

Rs. 230



Hyperacidity is very common in today’s life. Many of the people suffer from Hyperacidity.
Today’s fast life, irregular food habits and spicy-junk food and stressful life has given a gift of Hyperacidity.
Nitul from Shriji Herbal Products is the answer, protection and relief from Hyperacidity.
Nitul is perfect combination to treat the Hyperacidity.
Nitul is formulated with Yashtimadhu, Shatavari, Sutshekher Ras, Kamdudha Ras and Dhatri Lauha.
Nitul pacify the burning, gives relief within 30 minutes, stop belching, improves digestion and clears dyspepsia, also controls Hyperacidity secretion and gives symptomatic relief and regularizes the Pitta.

AVOID Hot, Spicy, Junk food, excessive tea and coffee, stress, sleepless nights, worry, long gap between meals.